We’ve Submitted!

Public input received through Canada Lands Company’s consultation process, combined with the analysis of the technical agencies, has guided the project team in the preparation of a draft Community Design Plan (CDP) and associated draft preferred plan.

Based upon preliminary comments on a previous draft CDP and new information from the City of Ottawa, a revised draft CDP and all of the necessary supporting draft technical studies will soon be provided to the City.  Once the City determines that all of the documents are suitable for review, the City’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will review the entire draft package.  When the TAC has completed its review, the CDP will go on technical circulation to outside agencies.  At that time, the CDP and supporting documents will be available on-line for the public to view and comment on.

A public meeting of the Planning Committee of the City will be advertised and those interested in making oral or written submissions will be provided the opportunity to do so. The Committee meeting is anticipated in early 2015.

Canada Lands Company expects to receive City zoning and conditional draft subdivision approvals at that time, and will subsequently start the installation of infrastructure and services later in 2015. We anticipate that first sales to builders will take place in 2016. Serviced blocks of land will be sold to builders, who will in turn sell individual homes/units to homebuyers. Canada Lands Company anticipates the first residents will move into this community in 2017.

A complete draft of the CDP will become available following the City of Ottawa’s technical review. For now, a few key plans from the draft CDP are available in the Resource Library.

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