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Wateridge Village is a vibrant, sustainable community just minutes from downtown Ottawa. Steeped in rich history, the landscape has evolved over generations, having been shaped by the Algonquins People, the Canadian Military, the Francophonie, and many others.

Today, Wateridge Village features forward-thinking innovation, design-forward residences, enticing glimpses of future retail space, meandering trails, and many other exciting features that are redefining contemporary living.

A Community Rooted in

Canada Lands Company

Wateridge Village is envisioned by Canada Lands Company, a federal Crown corporation that partners with industry experts to help ensure former government properties are harmoniously reintegrated into Canadian communities.

Algonquins of Ontario

The land on which Wateridge Village rests has been inhabited by the Algonquin people since time immemorial. Their spirit and their influence are integral elements of Wateridge Village which we continue to honour proudly today.

Wateridge Village Community Association

The Wateridge Village Community Association helps to represent the community on behalf of those who live, work, and play here.

Discover Wateridge Village

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, homebody, or someone in between, Wateridge Village offers it all for every life stage. Indulge in an abundance of amenities conveniently located within arm’s reach. Experience seamless transportation, convenient shopping opportunities, plentiful dining choices, educational institutions, entertainment, and well-stocked grocers. Browse nearby amenities below.

Living Here

You will find a collective of award-winning home builders and developers who are helping to shape the future of Wateridge Village with a beautiful mix of single homes, townhomes, and condos. Visit the builders:


Browse a selection of resources below to learn more about Wateridge Village.

Land Use Plan

An outline of how land is being developed within Wateridge Village.

View Land Use Plan

Phasing Map

A map displaying the various phases of development in Wateridge Village.

View Phasing Map

Parks and Streets Map

A community map detailing commemorative park and street names.

View Commemoration Map

Commemoration Handbook

A collection of stories and historical data which is helping to inform the development of Wateridge Village.

View Commemoration Handbook

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