Wateridge Village at Rockcliffe

We are very excited to finally share with you the new name and logo of our community: Wateridge Village at Rockcliffe.

“Wateridge Village at Rockcliffe” was selected among many strong names as it evokes the natural physical features of the beautiful Rockcliffe Lands site, which lies on the shore of the Ottawa River and is home to many natural ridges. The logo is intended to serve as a visual reminder of the connections between land, water and community at Rockcliffe. These three elements are central to both the rich aboriginal and aviation history of the site. In the coming days, weeks and months, expect to see advertising for Wateridge Village as we begin the process of seeking home builders to work with CLC on turning the proposed Wateridge plans into a reality.

For individuals looking to learn more about potentially living at Wateridge Village, sit tight! We will have more news to share, including a Wateridge Village website, in the very near future. Exciting times are ahead and we’ll continue to keep you posted as we reach each new milestone!