Park 1 public engagement

Together, with the Algonquins of Ontario, we’re delighted to present the concept plan for Kishkabika Park (Park 1), and we invite you to share your feedback as part of our online public engagement.

The engagement on the design of Kishkabika Park (Park 1) began in 2013 following the Algonquin Elder’s tour of Wateridge Village. Through the development of the Community Design Plan, the vision for this park was realized as a year-round destination for people of all ages. The park plan includes play equipment, water play, a puddle rink for skating, space for community garden plots, a sliding hill and open space for community gathering.

Located north of Hemlock Road and west of Codd’s Road, Kishkabika Park (Park 1) will be the largest park within Wateridge Village. The name ‘Kishkabika’ is Algonquin for ‘rock cliff’ and its theme is centered around the Algonquin presence in the Ottawa Valley. Algonquin history will be celebrated in this park with components that include a belvedere, ceremonial firepit and designs incorporated to honour the Algonquin community.

Visit our website to review the plan and provide us with input that will help inform the park’s design and recreational uses as we finalize the plan for submission to the City of Ottawa for approval.

We appreciate your participation and look forward to hearing your feedback.