Next Steps: Stay Tuned & Get Connected!

  1. Canada Lands Company finalizes Community Design Plan (CDP) & submits to City of Ottawa with supporting reports such as Environmental Assessment (EA) Master Plans for Transportation & Servicing Infrastructure which include impact  assessment and mitigation plans.
  2. City of Ottawa begins public & technical agency review to prepare recommendation to Planning Committee.
  3. City of Ottawa publishes notice for EAs and Planning Committee agenda on website & in newspaper. EA Reports available for public review.
  4. City of Ottawa holds public hearing at Planning Committee – Public can provide comments.
  5. Planning Committee makes recommendation on CDP and related Secondary Plan Amendment to Official Plan to City Council.
  6. City Council makes its decision on CDP & related Secondary Plan Amendment.
  7. Canada Lands Company applies for plan of subdivision & zoning for Phase 1.
  8. Canada Lands Company starts Phase 1 by constructing infrastructure (roads, sewer & water), landscaping parks & selling lands to builders. Approximate target: 2015-16
  9. First residents move in by 2017-18.
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