Public input received through Canada Lands Company’s consultation process, combined with the analysis of the technical agencies, has guided the project team in the preparation of a draft Community Design Plan (CDP) and associated draft preferred plan. Based upon preliminary comments on a previous draft CDP and new information from the City of Ottawa, a […]

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Canada Lands Company finalizes Community Design Plan (CDP) & submits to City of Ottawa with supporting reports such as Environmental Assessment (EA) Master Plans for Transportation & Servicing Infrastructure which include impact  assessment and mitigation plans. City of Ottawa begins public & technical agency review to prepare recommendation to Planning Committee. City of Ottawa publishes notice for EAs […]

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February 20, 2014: Canada Lands Company would like to thank everyone who came out to our third public event. Canada Lands is grateful to everyone who has participated and contributed during this fruitful and innovative public consultation process for the former CFB Rockcliffe. The presentation and display boards from the event can be found here: Resource Library […]

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We’re almost there – Final Open House Prior to Submission of Draft Preferred Plan to the City of OttawaCome out and tell us what you think. Canada Lands Company, in partnership with the City of Ottawa, is preparing a Community Design Plan and environmental assessment studies to identify a recommended plan for the redevelopment of the […]

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The summary reports from the last community consultation event have been posted to the Resource Library. We invite you to catch up on what happened at the last event in case you weren’t able to attend, or if you would just like to refresh your memory in preparation of the upcoming open house.

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