Infrastructure work begins in Wateridge Village

If you have walked, cycled or driven by the site lately you may have noticed some construction activity. Canada Lands is beginning the required infrastructure work that will support the residents and homes in this new community. Some of the works include sewers, water management systems and roads installation.

Thanks to the tireless contributions and support of our stakeholders, in December of 2015, Ottawa City Council unanimously approved the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan, Official Plan Amendment, Secondary Plan, Master Servicing Study, and Low Impact Development stormwater management pilot project.

Those plans are now taking shape as Wateridge Village begins its first steps towards becoming a reality. A key aspect of this community will be its integrated system of pathways, parks and natural areas, which will offer access to open space for everyone living or working in the community and surrounding area.

Did you know that:

  • Over 25% of the site will be devoted to green space (parks, open space and natural areas). In comparison, typical new developments may devote significantly less.
  • Over 800 new trees will be planted just in our first phase alone called Phase 1A.
  • Significant tree groupings, natural areas, natural water retention swales and ponds as well as 10 parks overall, will be included.

The result? An inclusive community, naturally integrated into its environment with housing, local businesses and green spaces; it will be a new place of pride not just for the community, but the entire of City of Ottawa.

To allow this to happen, some of the existing trees and other landscaping are being removed, but don’t be alarmed! All of this work is part of the comprehensive tree plan that has been developed and approved by the City of Ottawa. We are confident the green spaces, foliage and well thought out public landscaping that will replace what is now a derelict site will be worth the wait.

The importance of environmental impacts on a community, in the present and for the future, has always been part of Canada Lands’ approach to our projects. We heard from the outset that these values are echoed by those in the community, and those principles are entrenched in the design plans we are implementing.

We look forward to continually working with all of you to ensure that Wateridge Village realizes the vision as set out in the plan and encourage you to provide your feedback or send inquiries via email, Facebook.