Commemoration Program

Many different people have lived, worked, harvested, played, and explored in this place, among many other activities. We want to ensure the diverse histories of this land are commemorated in this emerging development.

Canada Lands Company’s commemoration program guides how Wateridge Village/Villages des Riverains is recognizing Algonquin, military, francophonie, and other histories in this ongoing development. The commemoration program has been developed by Canada Lands Company in partnership with the Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) and with support from ERA Architects Inc., the Dept of Words & Deeds, and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

The commemoration program culminates in a handbook that provides Canada Lands Company and its development partners with collected histories, design principles, precedents and guidelines to implement commemorative features within the site’s emerging public realm. Commemorative features may include community signage and wayfinding, public art, street furniture and light fixtures, pavement detailing, and artifact display.

In 2021, we collected public stories online and the AOO led a knowledge-collection process.

The site is north of Montreal Road, south of Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway and east of Aviation Parkway, close to the Canada Aviation & Space Museum and the Montfort Hospital. It is the former Rockcliffe Airbase that is owned and currently under development by Canada Lands Company.

Read the handbook that honours personal stories and human experiences within Wateridge Village and helps shape commemoration work and future development in the community.

The Wateridge Newsletter (Vol. 2 – September 2016)

Live at Wateridge

We are proud to announce our three new builder partners for Phase 1A  at Wateridge:

  • Claridge Homes
  • Tartan Homes and; 
  • Uniform Urban Developments 

The first phase of Wateridge Village offers a wide variety of homes. Quiet, pedestrian friendly, tree-lined streetscapes will accompany everyday conveniences and a welcoming new community.

An on-site sales pavilion will be opening later this fall. Until then visit to learn more about the builders and homes that will be available.

DID YOU KNOW? In 1964, when the military ceased flying from the base, Rockcliffe housed one of the world’s more significant historic aircraft collections of the Canadian War Museum, the early National Aviation Museum and the Royal Canadian Air Force.


It takes a village

This is a long newsletter, but also an informative one. We hope you find it helpful.

The Wateridge Village website is under continuing development and will soon transform into your online source for all project information and updates. In the meantime, Canada Lands wanted to provide some information and respond to common questions we have been receiving about Wateridge.

Construction Activity

Construction and associated inconveniences are an unfortunate reality in the creation of an ambitious, brand-new community. This development is not your average development; reintegrating a 310-acre (125-hectare) site into the fabric of the community is a monumental task and we appreciate our neighbours’ patience and understanding during the various construction phases. We are committed to having construction activities abide by all City of Ottawa by-laws for noise and other requirements, and for work to be completed as quickly as possible.  We will do our best to post any significant construction updates to our website and  Facebook page.

Codd’s Road will continue its reconstruction until December 2016; truck traffic will continue to use Burma Road in the interim. In 2017, as part of our Phase 1B exercise, the new Wanaki Road will be built with full municipal infrastructure and, once in service, Burma Road will then be a north end “cul-de-sac” or terminated at Provender. As such, land between Provender and Montreal Road is subject to a road closure and we look forward to working with residents on how we can improve this open space including the relocation of the Thorncliffe Village gateway feature. The gateway currently sits at the northeast corner of Montreal Road and Burma Road and will be impacted by Wanaki Road construction. Affected residents will be contacted directly.

To review the details surrounding the overall development we encourage you to visit the City of Ottawa website and view the approved Community Design Plan and other relevant materialspertaining to Wateridge Village.

Various site plans, most extracted from the Community Design Plan, provide a better understanding of the overall development.

Plans include:

and more!

DID YOU KNOW? Wanaki Road, which is the the re-aligned Burma Road, is named for the phrase “Wanaki”, which is the Algonquin term for “at peace”. To learn more about the other street names that have been finalized so far, click here.

About the Sir George-Étienne Parkway

Some people have asked if the Parkway will be developed with residential units.

The answer is: no.

The Parkway will remain as-is and continue to be owned and managed by the National Capital Commission. The construction activity that you may have noticed is only related to the excavation of a stormwater management system which will incorporate a natural waterfall from the ridge above, hence ‘Wateridge’. In 2017, extensive landscaping will enhance and create natural connections, beautifying the area even more.

What’s happening with the 3 school sites?

The three identified school sites are reserved as follows:

  • French Catholic Elementary in phase 1A
  • French Public  Elementary in phase 1B
  • English Public Elementary in phase 1B

The first of the schools to be built is the French Catholic Elementary; however this could be several years away, potentially within the next 5 years or so. For the other two sites, each board may optionally express its intention to proceed with the acquisition of the land as the development progresses; school boards have to right to decline or accept the site reserved to them within seven years after that parcel is registered with the City.  So far, the CECCE school site parcel in Phase 1A has been registered . Phase 1B is slated for registration in 2017. Please visit each board’s website to get more information about their respective long term plans.

Stay Connected, Keep Participating

We listened to the community throughout our planning process, as well as during the City’s own approval processes, and the results can be seen throughout the final approved plans. Although our formal consultations are complete, going forward, public input will continue to be vital in the planning of the green spaces, parks and commemorations within the site.

Stay tuned to the City of Ottawa’s website and participate in the City’s municipal park consultation processes  as they occur. The first parks to be named and constructed are the parks labelled #5 and  #9 on the CDP’s Parks & Open Space map in phase 1A. Additionally, Canada Lands is planning various commemorative elements for the site that will honour veterans, the site’s military legacy as well as the Algonquins of Ontario. We will be posting information about our commemoration activities as they arise.

Greening Wateridge Village

We are pleased with the progress of our greening plans. With our commitment to creating a place of pride, Canada Lands is introducing many more trees than what has been removed, and will also incorporate other innovative green features such as the aforementioned waterfall and family-friendly green spaces. Look for these starting in 2017. Three storm water ponds and myriad other low impact features utilizing specially designed soils will not only serve as an effective water management tool for the development, but also an attractive one. All of our landscaping work is in accordance with plans developed by professional landscape architects and are approved by the City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission as phases progress.

Community Amenities

Two parks (#5 and #9) in Phase 1A will be built in 2017. The community design plan also allows for a community amenity in park #2 (South Community Park) in Phase 1B . What this amenity will be, as well as its form and function, falls within the purview of the City of Ottawa. The City will make any final decisions. More details about this will be provided during the park planning process led by the City.

How high will buildings get?

As seen in the  CDP Heights plan, the permissions include heights of between 11 to 70 metres depending on the location.

How long will it take to build the whole site?

The 320-acre site is expected to take approximately 15 years to be fully constructed; however market conditions and other factors will play a role in the actual timeline.

Work on the new Aviation Parkway north bound off ramp connection to Hemlock is expected when development proceeds westerly towards Hemlock in future phases. Traffic volume will be monitored as development progresses, as Canada Lands works to mitigate interruptions to the community.

Do you anticipate any commercial activity?

Yes, the plan calls for a commercial core in Phase 1B and we hope to begin building interest in the area in the next two years or so. The employment core also has an adjacent section in Phase 3, along the eastern boundary adjacent to the NRC campus.  The employment core will be implemented as the development progresses as well as being influenced by market demand.

What about public transit?

We are very pleased to announce that we’ve reached an agreement with OC Transpo to offer early transit service in the new neighbourhood by 2017 with regular bus service. Once the first 50 homes are built and occupied, residents will be able to access route 129 which will make eight trips in the morning and eight in the afternoon during peak hours during the week.

Infrastructure work begins in Wateridge Village

If you have walked, cycled or driven by the site lately you may have noticed some construction activity. Canada Lands is beginning the required infrastructure work that will support the residents and homes in this new community. Some of the works include sewers, water management systems and roads installation.

Thanks to the tireless contributions and support of our stakeholders, in December of 2015, Ottawa City Council unanimously approved the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan, Official Plan Amendment, Secondary Plan, Master Servicing Study, and Low Impact Development stormwater management pilot project.

Those plans are now taking shape as Wateridge Village begins its first steps towards becoming a reality. A key aspect of this community will be its integrated system of pathways, parks and natural areas, which will offer access to open space for everyone living or working in the community and surrounding area.

Did you know that:

  • Over 25% of the site will be devoted to green space (parks, open space and natural areas). In comparison, typical new developments may devote significantly less.
  • Over 800 new trees will be planted just in our first phase alone called Phase 1A.
  • Significant tree groupings, natural areas, natural water retention swales and ponds as well as 10 parks overall, will be included.

The result? An inclusive community, naturally integrated into its environment with housing, local businesses and green spaces; it will be a new place of pride not just for the community, but the entire of City of Ottawa.

To allow this to happen, some of the existing trees and other landscaping are being removed, but don’t be alarmed! All of this work is part of the comprehensive tree plan that has been developed and approved by the City of Ottawa. We are confident the green spaces, foliage and well thought out public landscaping that will replace what is now a derelict site will be worth the wait.

The importance of environmental impacts on a community, in the present and for the future, has always been part of Canada Lands’ approach to our projects. We heard from the outset that these values are echoed by those in the community, and those principles are entrenched in the design plans we are implementing.

We look forward to continually working with all of you to ensure that Wateridge Village realizes the vision as set out in the plan and encourage you to provide your feedback or send inquiries via email, Facebook.

Project Update

CLC’s redevelopment of the former CFB Rockcliffe, now known as Wateridge Village, is entering its first stages of construction. Since our last update we have been receiving the approvals from the City of Ottawa and other government agencies that are necessary before we can commence construction. Those approvals have included:

  • December 9, 2015 — City Council approval of the Zoning By-law Amendment
  • February 11, 2016 — City of Ottawa approval of the Draft Plan of Subdivision
  • February 29, 2016 — Registration of Absolute Plus Title at Ontario Land Registry Office
  • March 14, 2016 — Registration of Ph 1A plan of subdivision

Canada Lands Company anticipates it will be in a position to finalize its sales to the builders in Phase 1A by the end of March 2016 and will be able to announce who those builders are in early April 2016.

Wateridge Village at Rockcliffe

We are very excited to finally share with you the new name and logo of our community: Wateridge Village at Rockcliffe.

“Wateridge Village at Rockcliffe” was selected among many strong names as it evokes the natural physical features of the beautiful Rockcliffe Lands site, which lies on the shore of the Ottawa River and is home to many natural ridges. The logo is intended to serve as a visual reminder of the connections between land, water and community at Rockcliffe. These three elements are central to both the rich aboriginal and aviation history of the site. In the coming days, weeks and months, expect to see advertising for Wateridge Village as we begin the process of seeking home builders to work with CLC on turning the proposed Wateridge plans into a reality.

For individuals looking to learn more about potentially living at Wateridge Village, sit tight! We will have more news to share, including a Wateridge Village website, in the very near future. Exciting times are ahead and we’ll continue to keep you posted as we reach each new milestone!


Today Ottawa City Council unanimously approved the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan, Official Plan Amendment, Secondary Plan, Master Servicing Study, and Low Impact Development stormwater management pilot project. Canada Lands Company looks forward to the next stages of this exciting new community, including further approvals, development, marketing and sales.

Big news to share!

Big news to share! We are thrilled to announce that today the City of Ottawa Planning Committee unanimously agreed to recommend that Ottawa City Council approve the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan, Official Plan Amendment and Secondary Plan. City Council is expected to consider approval of these plans on October 14.

The City’s Planning Committee will soon be considering the proposed zoning for this new community. Canada Lands Company also anticipates conditional approval of the proposed draft plan of subdivision in October. For more information please continue to follow us and keep an eye on for the latest updates.

City of Ottawa Planning Committee to Consider CDP Approval September 22

The City of Ottawa has set Tuesday, September 22, as the date when its Planning Committee will consider the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan (CDP), Secondary Plan, and Official Plan Amendment (OPA). The City has posted the Planning Committee agenda for the week of September 14 to 18 at:

Canada Lands Company’s public consultation for the redevelopment of the Former CFB Rockcliffe, which started in fall 2012, has resulted in a consensus based CDP. This mixed-use community, with residential, office, and local retail development, will transform the former Rockcliffe Airbase into a new, innovative, and complete community.

Once it is fully developed, the community will provide a wide range of housing types, with all the commercial and public amenities that will be needed to sustain healthy and active lifestyles in the 21st century. A key aspect of this community will be its integrated system of pathways, parks and natural areas, which will offer access to open space for everyone living or working in the community.

The 5,200 residential units that the City has targeted for this community will be built gradually over the next 15 to 20 years. During that period, the effectiveness of the roads, public transit, and other public services will be monitored, evaluated, and enhanced as development proceeds. A leading-edge Low Impact Development stormwater system, which will use vegetation and new technologies to manage water flows on the site, will also be monitored and adapted as new techniques in sustainable development emerge.

Once the CDP, Secondary Plan, and OPA are approved, the City of Ottawa Planning Committee and City Council will meet later to consider the proposed zoning, which is consistent with the CDP. The zoning and draft plan of subdivision approvals are anticipated later this fall. In addition to the official City of Ottawa notifications, Canada Lands Company will advise the public of these dates through emails and postings at

To receive email updates from Canada Lands Company on developments at the Former CFB Rockcliffe, interested members of the public may provide their names and email addresses in the “Quick Contact” box.

All Planning Documents Now Posted to City of Ottawa “devapps” Web Site

The City of Ottawa has now posted all of the plans and studies submitted by Canada Lands Company for the municipal planning approvals required for redevelopment of the former CFB Rockcliffe.

In addition to the draft plan of subdivision and zoning, the City of Ottawa has posted the following plans to its “devapps” website:

  • Official Plan Amendment (OPA)
  • Community Design Plan (CDP)
  • Secondary Plan
  • Supporting studies such as a Community Transportation Study, Master Servicing Study, and a Low Impact Development stormwater management pilot project study

There are three specific links to the City of Ottawa web site for all of these plans and studies:

Official Plan Amendment, Community Design Plan, Secondary Plan, Supporting Studies Application # D01-01-15-0001— available at:

Draft Plan of Subdivision Application # D07-16-15-0003 — available at:

Zoning By-law Amendment Application # D02-02-15-0027 — available at:

Comments on the Official Plan Amendment, Community Design Plan, Secondary Plan, Supporting Studies (Application # D01-01-15-0001) are to be sent directly to City of Ottawa Planner Selma Hassan at before June 27, 2015.

Comments on the Draft Plan of Subdivision (Application # D07-16-15-0003) and the Zoning By-law Amendment (Application # D02-02-15-0027) are to be sent directly to City of Ottawa Planner Erin O`Connell at Erin.O’ before June 27, 2015.

The City of Ottawa administration, Planning Committee, and City Council will consider approval of these plans and by-laws by this August or September. The City of Ottawa will publicize both the Planning Committee and City Council public meetings on the City’s website and in the local media.

In the meantime, information can be found on the Canada Lands Company website at The draft Community Design Plan will be available on this website in both official languages shortly.

City of Ottawa Public Meeting

After three years of planning and consultation, the City of Ottawa is now commencing the formal approval process for the development of a new mixed-use community at the Former CFB Rockcliffe.

The public consultation process for the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan (CDP), which Canada Lands Company started in Fall 2012, resulted in broad consensus on a draft preferred plan for the CDP in June 2014. The basic framework, design, and principles guiding the CDP have not changed since that time. Canada Lands Company has continued to collaborate directly with City departments and other agencies over the past year to address the technical requirements for the necessary development approvals. In February 2015, the City’s Technical Advisory Committee began its full review of the draft CDP and more than 30 supporting studies. The CDP is now ready for City’s official public review and approval process.

In addition to the CDP revisions, Canada Lands Company submitted draft plan of subdivision and zoning applications to the City of Ottawa on March 31, 2015. As part of the subdivision approval process, the City of Ottawa will host a public meeting to be held from:

  • 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 25,
  • at East Gate Alliance Church, 550 Codd’s Road, Ottawa

At this meeting, Canada Lands Company will be prepared to present information and answer questions about the CDP, subdivision, and the other applications we have submitted. City of Ottawa staff will also present information on the subdivision approval process, including future opportunities for the public to provide comments directly to the City of Ottawa.

The agenda for the June 25 meeting will be:

  • 6:30 p.m. – Doors Open
  • 7:00 p.m. – Presentation
  • 7:30 – 8:30 – Question and Answer period to be moderated by Ward 13 Councillor Tobi Nussbaum
  • 8:30 – Public Meeting continues with informal discussion